Time Limit between Examinations 

                   10th Kyu & 9th Kyu  -  Grading may be taken at two monthly  intervals.

                8th Kyu to 6th Kyu    -  Grading may be taken at three monthly intervals.

                5th Kyu to 3rd Kyu    -  Grading may be taken at four monthly  intervals

                 2nd Kyu & 1st Kyu   -  Grading may be taken at six monthly intervals.

                 1st Kyu to Shodan     -  A candidate must hold the grade of 1st Kyu for one full
                                                     year before applying for Shodan.

                 Shodan to Nidan        -  Minimum of two years.

                 Nidan to Sandan        -  Minimum of three years.

                 Sandan to Yondan     -  Minimum of four years.

                 Yondan to Godan      -  Minimum of five years.

                  Godan to Rokudan    -  Minimum six years

The chart simply illustrates the grades obtainable at tests. An attendance rate of 70% is a minimum eligibility requirement for tests. Dan and Kyu grades are not themselves the object - they are a guide to progress only.

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