Kata by Pictures 

Fighting kata -  the Bunkai!

The diagrams below shows the movements of the feet and body while performing the kata. Diagram 1 shows the leg movements as seen from above, whereas Diagram 2 shows how the direction the body faces changes with each of the movements.

(Beginners Kata 1)

1. Kumite no kamae.
2. FOR R CHUDAN TSUKI: L chudan nagashi uke while retracting front foot, R chudan/jodan tsuki.
3. FOR R JODAN TSUKI: L jodan nagashi uke while retracting front foot, R chudan tsuki, R mawashi geri, follow through and step down in front, turn 180 degrees.
4. FOR L CHUDAN TSUKI: L gedan barai while moving into #2 position, R chudan tsuki.
5. FOR L JODAN TSUKI: L shuto uchi uke while moving into #2 position, R jodan tsuki, switch feet, L chudan mawashi geri, push/throw to front.
6. FOR R MAE GERI: L nagashi uke while retracting front foot, LH push R arm away while moving into #1 position, R jodan tsuki, R chudan mawashi geri.
7. FOR L MAE GERI: L gedan barai while right foot steps to # 2 position, R gedan mawashi geri to below opponent's L (front) calf, L jodan mawashi geri.
8. FOR L CHUDAN MAWASHI GERI: Cross over hiji-hiza double block, L shuto uke while moving into #2 position, R-L mawashi uke, L hiza geri, maki komi nage.
9. FOR R CHUDAN MAWASHI GERI: Hiji-hiza double block to outside L, step into #1 position, L-R mawashi uke, R hiza geri, maki komi nage, kiba dachi.
10. R gedan Tsuki, skip back to kumite no kamae.
Terms used in this kata
Kumite no kamae - Fighting Stance
Jodan/Chudan nagashi uke  - Upper/middle absorbing parry (block)
Jodan/Chudan tsuki  - Upper/middle punch
Mikiri - Retracting front foot (judging distance) 
Mawashi geri (jodan/chudan/gedan) - Roundhouse kick(high, middle, low)
Gedan barai  - Lower parry
Shuto uchi uke  - Knifehand outer block
Hiji-hiza double block - Elbow-knee block
Mawashi uke - Round hook block
Hiza geri - Knee kick
Maki komi nage - Forward rolling throw
Kiba dachi - Horse stance
Gedan Tsuki (todome) - Finish off punch
R - denotes Right : L - denotes Left
RH -denotes Right Hand : LH - denotes Left Hand
We hope that by using the above as an example - that you will be able to learn the other katas as given on the Kata Guide page.

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