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This page is devoted to creative writings of students and others. The aim is to provide an inspirational guide and to further motivate you, the fellow traveller. ENJOY!


Do not let your opponent see your spirit...........Miyamoto Musashi
You win in battle by
knowing the enemies timing.........
And by using a timing which
the enemy does not expect..............Miyamoto Musashi

The Beginning by Sharifa Thebus (Honbu)

Words of Wisdom

Whatever good ye give, shall be rendered back to you, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly. Surah Al-Baqara (2:72)

O' ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: It may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): Nor let some women laugh at others. Surah Al-Hujurat (49:11)

A Quotation by Ebrahim Alexander

"You can only see as far, and speak as deep, as your capacity to use language in its most varied forms. Similarly can you only hear, and understand truth, and meaning as far as your language abilities enable you. The truth is often very simple. The capacity to comprehend it, is however, not as simple."


Karate is like climbing a Mountain. Life, too, is like climbing a Mountain. It is important to try hard to reach the top at your own pace. Once You are on top, You can look all around. If you stay at the bottom, you can only look up.

Formula for Success

Be determined, Be dedicated to your art, And have the desire To WIN!!!

A New Day

This is the beginning of a New Day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it - or use it for good, but what I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes this day will be gone for ever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, and not loss; good and not evil; success and not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it.

Karate by Daniel Hirsch, Jnr (USA)

Sayings - Kahlil Gibran

You progress not through what has been done, but reaching towards what has yet to be done.

Courage, which is the sixth-sense, finds the shortest way to triumph.

Words of Wisdom

Treat with kindness your parents and kindred, orphans and those in need. Speak fair to the people, be steadfast in prayer, and practise regular charity. Surah Al-Baqara (2:83)

Karate by Larry Giordano (6th Dan USA)

The training of Karate is like walking on a thorny road.
But because I love Karate I can take it.
I hold the anxious tears of training within my clenched fist:
dreaming of an everlasting world of peace.
Even if more people approach you with hostility -
to shun a fight is also a form of bravery.
The more I learn, the more I find I must learn more.
This is whatever draws my heart to the way of Karate.
I have learned to respect my teacher to the point
to where I would not even tread on his shadow
Traditional etiquette requires I wear my Black Belt -
The usage of a man in a karate gi. Someday our day will come.


The longest journey begins with the first step.

Every minute that you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of joy.

Seven days a week without karate makes one weak.

The Gasshuku by Sharifa Thebus (Honbu)

Be Positive by Ikki Naka

A positive manner is not just something with which you are born. It is a process that requires a certain amount of work to start and to keep it going. You have often heard, I'm sure, the phrase- "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" and this is perfectly true. But perhaps even more important - "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK."

Thoughts lead to action

Action repeated lead to habits and

Your habits create your destiny.

You become what you think, so if your vocabulary consists of phrases such as- " I CAN'T, I'M NOT AS GOOD AS, I'M TOO STIFF, TOO OLD, TOO SMALL, NOT CLEVER ENOUGH, it's not your limitation that is holding you back, but your NEGATIVE THINKING!

It's your attitude that's letting you down and, WHO creates that attitude, YOU DO! So you are the only one who can change it. The first thing you need to know (and I am not saying it's easy, but it is easier than you think) is to eliminate all those negative thinking words and phrases from your vocabulary, but most important, from your thoughts. So instead of thinking "I can't" change it to "I can if I want to". Stop apologizing for being yourself. You have the same right to "be" as anyone else, and the same right to a full potential.

Don't cramp your style, be positive about yourself and you will soon see that others will begin to be positive about you too!

Performance both in karate and outside the dojo will improve, because a positive attitude breeds positive results. Don't believe me, try it for yourself and see. REMEMBER: "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours"> Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Make yours a POSITIVE one!

Kindle my Spirit by Ebrahim Alexander

Something to think about!

Whenever you are the biggest, the best, or stand out the most, when you have got the goodies, there are those who look at you in one or two ways. They are so jealous of what you have, or cannot wait until the day that they can pass you up and have more, or have equal. The only way that they can see you is as an obstacle in their way.

Another way is with envy. They are so envious and jealous of you that they cannot see themselves clearly.

Such attitudes should not be tolerated. Unfortunately you will find a lot of people in Martial Arts with one or both of these attitudes. Realistically, they should be contacting the people who are successful at it and ask them how they do it!

Words of Wisdom

See how we have bestowed more on some than on others, but verily the hereafter is more in rank and gradation. And more in excellence. Bani Isra-il (17:21)


We must lead by Example - Cashief Lee (Honbu)

First I must stress that I feel strongly about the title of my essay. To lead by example is easy to write or say, but to put action to words is a different story. This is one of the reasons why I have great admiration for our Senpai. I truely feel that he leads by example. In meetings with other groups he handles himself with dignity and shows that he is a man with strong principles and in my opinion comes out tops every time against shrewd opposition.

Physically he keeps himself in shape, still partakes in tournaments and keeps our training sessions serious and hard.

My point to all this (sincere) flattery-------- fellow students, is, to follow up on this lead. In our training we must really work hard. In karate circles, a karateka is judged by the goods he or she can produce. We must try to attend our training sesions as frequently as possible. Remember Blue Belts - the White Belt or Beginner already looks to you for lead as does the Yellow to the Green or Brown Belts. So please, Senpai, Kohai and other coloured belts - to keep the training intense and spirited "Be There Whenever You Can".

If funds are needed we must commit ourselves to raise the amount to cover our needs. In this way too we are giving our Senpai the support he needs and showing him our appreciation. As for people who are trying to put us in a bad light, we must show them that we are not weak but will rise too the occasion and prove that we are a force to be reckoned with. We can do it, if we all LEAD BY EXAMPLE!


"A quick temper makes a fool. Impulsive men can be provoked to rage and brought to defeat. One easily angered is obstinate and hasty - he does not consider difficulties. One anxious to defend his reputation pays no regard to anything else."                                            Sun Tzu "The Art of War"

Ashihara by Aysha Harnekar

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