Karate is a martial art which was introduced in South Africa during 1950 by persons who developed an interest in this eastern culture through reading books and with information received from sailors who visited South African ports. During the early 1960's a few South Africans visited Japan and formally studied the art of karate. This international exposure was reciprocated with the visit by top Japanese karate instructors. These pioneers initiated the development and expansion of karate to what today has become the sixth biggest sport in the country with a membership which exceeds 200 000 with more than 1400 organised clubs throughout South Africa.

On 19 May 1992, the Karate Association of South Africa was formed, unifying karate as a sport amongst the various national karate bodies which existed. Today, through the initiatives of KASA , all the various styles of karate and provinces are totally unified under one body which controls karate in South Africa.

KASA is the only karate organisation recognised by the Department of Sport and Recreation, the NSC and NOCSA. It has membership to the World Karate Federation (WKF) and was re-admitted to the international arena in 1992 The Karate Association of South Africa (KASA) is the governing body for Karate in this country.

KASA Executive Members

President: Imtiaz Abdulla ** Vice-President: Geoff Landless ** General Secretary: Leon Beech **

Treasurer: Dave Friend Tournament Director: Hoosain Narker ** Womens Co-ordinator: Sanette Smit

Additional Member: Malcolm Dorfman ** Additional Member: Cass Sehloho ** Additional Member: Joe Nel **

** Serving on KASA since 1992 but involved in the Unity process since 1990.

** At the KASA Elections held in October 1997, new office bearers replaced some of the above listed. With time to come, we will list them.

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