Tour Pictures 2

This Page will feature pictures taken throughout my six month tour of North and Central America.

With the wrecked bus - joyful to be safe!

A side view - note one cannot see the left side of the bus!

Of the injured passengers at the hospital filling in the form for Greyhound. Note my Laptop in the right hand corner!

With Gary Alexander, 10th Dan, Morgan Woods, Tom Ross

ShorinjiRyu Kenzenkai dojo Staten Island New York

ShorinjiRyu Kenzenkai dojo Staten Island New York

With Glen Cunningham and his Okinawan Goju Ryu dojo in Staten Island New York in March 2000

Paul Thoresen and his Seishin Ryu dojo at Bowling Green State University - October 99

With Sara Aoyama with my Birthday Cake!

In Colon at the Panama Canal

On the Staten Island Ferry - The Statue of Liberty in the background

Being met at the Airport by Students, Friends and Family!

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