Puerto Rico 

"In my trajectory in the Martial Arts, I competed and left in many occasions through the wide door of victory, and in others ocassions through the narrow door of defeat, but always learning from the defeats and becoming humbler in the victories."

Shibucho Carlos Morales Parsons

Background :

1987 I was awarded my Black Belt under the direction of Sensei Enrique Pabón Pacheco, President Shorin-ji Kempo Ryu of Puerto Rico, and Isaiah Martínez (at the moment President of Kempo Karate of Puerto Rico). After a few months, I inaugurate my own Dojo in the city of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, under the Shorin-ji Kempo Ryu style.  I publish a small magazine with the name "For You", where it emphasized the participation of the students in the different tournaments and in community activities. I participated in seminars with Sensei Bill ("Superfoot") Wallace.
1988 I join the International Martial Arts under the presidency of Sensei Gregory Milan. I join the United States Karate Association (U.S.K.A) of Sensei Robert Trias. I participate in courses and seminars of Arnis, Kali and Eskrima with Sensei P. Greg Alland.
1992 I was awarded the rank of Nidan. I join the Recreational Association of Sports of our community. I give Martial Arts seminars to the Department of Education schools. 
1993  I was awarded a Merit Certificate by Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera (senior) for my work on Martial Arts with young people.
1994 I was awarded the rank of Sandan. 
1997 My school was proclaimed the best school of 1997.   I was awarded the rank of Yondan. 
2000  Master Paul Irizarry (Kenka-Kaikan Jitsu International) visits our Dojo and offers seminars of great value to the students. In the following years, I have taken seminars with local instructors like Enrique Pabón Pacheco, and Hanshi Bill Solano (Soke, Kaicho Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kokusai) and with foreign instructors, like Sensei Atsushi Muraoka and his wife Kumi Muraoka of Shorinji Kempo San Mateo, now Chief Instructor of International Ken Zen Do. 
Through the years, under my care and instruction, I've seen the graduation of 12 instructors, who have been great tournament competitors in our country and also valuable human beings. They are Arnaldo Rosado, Santana Cruz Rivera, Jorge Padilla, Lew Santiago, Carlos Torres, Miguel Cruz, Julio Ferrao, Félix Soto, Verónica Rolón, Rogelio Rosas, Carlos Candelaria and Anthony Santiago. 
2001 My school joins as a Branch of International Ken Zen Do of Sensei Atsushi Muraoka.  In February 2001 I resign to the organization of Shori-ji Kempo Ryu of Puerto Rico. I officially join Ashihara Karate International, of Kaicho Hoosain Narker, with the aid of Sensei Zenón Cortés of Panamá. My school is recognized as the first in Puerto Rico under this organization (AKI).

Dan Students
1. Carlos Morales Parsons Yondan
2. Santana Cruz Rivera Sandan
3. Verónica Rolón Alicea  Nidan
4. Jorge Padilla Shodan

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1. Siempre seremos respetuosos.

2. Siempre brindaremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo.

3. Continuaremos incrementando nuestro espiritu y tecnica.

4. Mantendremos en alto nuestro espiritu de competencia.

5. Reflejaremos lo mejor de notros hoy, e incrementaremos lo mejor de nosotros mañana.

6. Seremos perseverantes con nuestro karate y lo tomaremos como regla y y camino de nuestra propia vida.

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