Kihon -Keri Waza (Kicking Technique)

Hiza Geri

Mae Geri

Yoko Geri

Mawashi Geri
All Pictures by Mohammed Jaffer

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 Check your technique from the bottom up and from the point closest to your center of gravity

During basic practice, contract each part of the kick as much as possible to create tension, which is released through the turning motion of the kick. If you donít turn your hips enough, the technique will lack of power and youíll lose balance. Kicks depend on flexibility. Stretching the hip joint (Ďthe splitsí) is therefore a vital part of training. High kicks are higher and sharper if you have a good turn and stretch in the hip joint.

Keep hold of your belt while practicing kicks! If your hands are free, use them to stabilize yourself, and never notice how really bad your balance is. It is very difficult to correct bad balance once it becomes a habit, so if you can balance without using your hands, then youíll easily be able to punch and guard yourself as you kick in a real fight. For those who have a problem with balance, first master both the kicking motion and the twisting action of the hips while holding onto a hand rail, and gradually develop a sense of balance.

 Make sure:

Let the leading edge of your attack run freely to its target. Itís helpful here to train to kick without turning your supporting leg, using the spring and turn in hips. the kicking leg and the knee of the supporting leg instead.

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