Benefits of Membership

The Shin Budo Kai is an organisation operated by and dedicated to the service and advancement of its members and offers the following benefits to Schools and Martial Artists.

1. Direct access to Senior ShinBudoKai Dan grades and Kaicho Narker, the International Co-ordinator. He has held numerous clinics throughout the world in the last few years and will do more in the near future.

2. Continual guidance in technique and tradition by Kaicho and the Technical Advisory Committee.

3. Access to important International Martial Arts figures throughout the world.

4. Knowledge that your instruction is of the highest quality due to the requirements for instructor certification.

5. Standardisation of technique throughout every member dojo as regulated by the Style Technical Advisory Committee - maintenance of purity of the art.

6. High standard for promotion which means that each students rank is accepted and respected worldwide by other martial artists.

7. Unity and strength which is gained by membership in a highly respected common interest group. Strength of the group serves to strengthen the individual and his/her self-image.

8. Provision of an organised structure and centre for the further development of the ShinBudoKai in member countries.

9. The dissemination of printed matter like syllabus, kata guide, training manual, teaching manual, black belt manual, tournament rules, and other educational literature to further the aims of the ShinBudoKai.

10. Newsletters - to keep you up to date with what is going on and how other members are doing. Also articles on special events and activities, training information and much, much more.

11. Comprehensive Video Training Tapes covering various Martial Arts Styles and Systems, including Kihon, Kata, Self Defence, Refereeing, etc.

12. Assistance in training, teaching, testing, rank promotion, advertising and business management.

13. Regular training camps and tournaments in South Africa and other member countries.

14. Cross training opportunities in other Martial Arts like Kobudo, Ju-Jutsu, etc.

15. A Comprehensive line of supplies. (see Products)

16. Coaching and Refereeing Awards for Instructors.

17. Grading and Proficiency Awards.

18. Membership card, to identify you as a member of the ShinBudoKai, showing your rank, tournament achievements and seminar attendance.

19. Computer program to aid dojo management.

20. School referral system.

   Join Kaicho Hoosain Narker and the ShinBudoKai in the
Spirit of Budo to get a sense of Purpose and Direction in your training.
We know that you will be as excited as we are about the ShinBudoKai,
once you join and take advantage of the many benefits.
Check out the details elsewhere on this site, and get involved...... Osu!

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