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Hope all is well. Just letting you know (in case I haven't already done so) that the manuals arrived safely. Thank you very much. I haven't had the time to read all the way through them but my congratulations on all the hard work you have put into producing such a fine series for your students. Like Sosai used to say, doing what you can for the students is what it is all about.  So well done. I hope I have more time to really get into them and learn something!
Cameron Quinn - Australia

Just got your manuals today - Wow what an effort!  While we do have a little handout, it's nothing like that, more like the equivalent of one of those booklets.  I will be perusing them at some length in the near future, especially the one on Dojo Management!
Shaharin Yussof -Australia

Just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to look over the manuals yesterday.  They are very well written and informative. Interesting how you spell out all the katas for people.  What are the chances  that we could work on one while you are here? I think the manual on club management has the most information for me right now. I will need to sit down and READ it later this week.
Paul Thoreson - USA

Thanks a lot for the Manuals and Tape which will be of great help for me. I like the Ashihara stuff, especially the sabaki kumite. The tournament planner will be very helpful for me in future.
Aslam Jeewa - Mauritius
Domo Arigato, I received a package today, I almost did not open it but when I saw South Africa on it, I realized it was from you.  Both handbooks were very informative and they were both wonderfully written and very enlightening.

Jeremiah Griffiths - USA

Your manuals were good. I like the set-up. Much information for the students.
Jann Aki - Hawaii

I got to your manual this weekend and was able to read it from cover to cover.  I thought it was excellent, Hoosain!  Lots of good points, well laid out.  It needs a bit of tightening up in spots, but I am sure you already know that.  I enjoyed reading it and think it has a lot to offer.  I would certainly recommend it.
Thanks for sharing it.  I know it had to be a ton of work.....
Dan Soller - USA

I have been reading the material... it is very well presented and there is a lot of good information in it.
John Kim -USA

I had a cursory view, so far. I think a lot of thoughts and experience have gone into this. It reminds me of my Management studies and other sales management techniques - the marketing 4Ps, telemarketing concepts, handling sales objections, closing sales techniques, etc, etc, WOW !! Is this your MBA thesis or what? Anyway I think it a thorough and very useful/relevant for Instructors. Good work and a tremendous contribution to the martial arts community.
Henry Low -Singapore

The two manuals have so much information for me to digest.
Hung Quach -UK

I've learned a lot about the history of Ashihara karate from the manuals.
Rima Puodziukynaite - Lithuania

My feed back on the various manuals.
1.Teaching manual. - I liked it very much. It gives an idea of  a good marketing  program (we just begin to  think about it), systematic approach  (I thought about it in a different way), role of the instrutor, training motivation, lesson planning ( I think we have the same but no  cool down),. I like your planning of training periodisation, learning modalities,, why students get bored, safety and first aid. I used advice from the manual about first aid last week. Flexibility was very interesting 'cause it's my weak point. And it's very convenient to have a glossary at  the end of each manual.
2.Kata guide. - It's great but one thing embarrased me - explanation of nage no kata sono ni.
3.Students Handbook. - It's very good for a beginner to have such  a book from where  he can learn about what is karate and Ashihara karate  in particular.. what are the relation and grading system.
4. Theory test - I tried to answer it myself and so questions again: What are the principles for choosing  a block? ( yellow belt part 4, green one part 2-2) What are the check points in black belt part 1?
At the moment I'm thinking about my individual plan of training so your manuals helped me very much in understanding of what should be.
Vitaly Marakanov - Russia

Just wanted to let you know the manuals arrived. Thank you very much for kindly sending me copies. You have put so much work into them and they look great. Congratulations on a big job! How are they being received there? I am sure that when I finally get the opportunity to go over the manuals slowly, I will get a lot from them.
Cameron Quinn - Australia

I received your manuals. Thanks. I think they are of very high standard and there is a lot of good information.
Chris Lau - Hong Kong

I have glanced over the document a bit, read the first chapter or so and find that I will be reading that for a bit before I really finish it ... as I scanned through it - it is very self explanatory and I find it useful and informative for the future as well as here too.  Thank you, again.
Flame Metter -USA
Thanks for the Operation Manuals. I have never seen anything like this in the bookshops. I think it will help the instructors a lot. I think if my instructor in Australia had this manual earlier, he would not have gone into retirement. Have you thought of publishing this book?

Chris Lau - Hong Kong
Received your package from S.A. today (Dec. 9th ) That was pretty quick considering the time of year and all!!!! I have just only glanced through from cover to cover and I must say what a great source of information you have compiled!! Kudos to you!!  I have showed it to some of the other instructors in my association and they like it to especially all the great color pictures! What a good job that is I look forward to reading it's load of information.  I have other books, of course...like the General Choi's Encyclopedia, etc. but it is nice to see someone I actually have contact with write and publish something!  I wish I would of asked you to sign it.... I know that's Silly but I don't know anyone else who has ever been published before ... I haven't looked at the Video as yet..... I'll get back to you but I just wanted to let you know it arrived safely

Flame Metter-Harris - USA
I am enjoying your manual. Very professional. As a high school teacher by profession,  I am impressed by the balance of theory and practical application. Could you tell me how the manual is actually used? Do you have an instructors class in which the curricullum is taught? Is it self taught using the book as a guide? Does everyone get the manual? What is your accrediting and evaluation process of your instructors? Formalized or more informal? Is there anything you have found not usefull or something you wish or plan to add in the future? Thanks Cathy

Cathy Melanson - USA

Thank you also for the materials from your school.  I always love seeing other schools' manuals.  Someday I'll get more organized and put out more written materials too.  All we have right now is a student handbook and list of Japanese terms!   Your teaching manual will be very helpful to me in putting together something for my own sempais.  I haven't read it in detail yet of course but I can see your spirit in the parts I've seen already.
Suzanne Pinette -USA

Thank you for the tape and the TKD book (ooof! that was quite a back spinning kick!).
Henry Low - Singapore

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